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Robert Altman is an attorney who has concentrated his private practice primarily on real estate tax incentives, real estate transactions and financing and related issues. He also advises a number of clients on their corporate affairs and is a registered lobbyist with the City of New York. Before starting his solo practice, he was an attorney with the firm of Szold & Brandwen, PC for five years.  Before that, he was an attorney and the Government Relations Departmental director for Barton & Zasky, and started his legal career as a legislative attorney for the New York City Council, the last six of which were as a senior member of the City Council staff.


While at the City Council, Robert served as lead Counsel to a number of different committees in the social welfare and economic development fields. He received a Humanitarian of the Year Award from the Flushing Chapter of the NAACP in 1990 for his community and governmental work.


In the area of economic development, Robert is recognized as one of the foremost experts on the Industrial and Commercial Abatement Program - the City's principal tax-incentive program - having served as the Council's lead attorney and legislative draftsman in this area.   He also served on the Industrial and Commercial Incentive Program Boundary Commission in 1992 and 1995.


Robert serves on the Board of Directors of the Queens & Bronx Building Association and on the Long Island City Partnership.  He was admitted to the New York Bar in 1986 and is a graduate of Princeton University and Fordham Law School.



Robert Altman is an experienced real estate attorney. He has represented buyers and sellers in the purchase of commercial properties in the millions of dollars.

Moreover, Robert has assisted many landlords and tenants with the leasing of their commercial properties.

Robert only provides services for residential sales and leases for current clients or referrals from current clients.


Robert Altman is a registered lobbyist with the City of New York and represents two trade association as their lobbyist for City government. Having worked in City government for ten years, Robert is familiar with the machinations and bureaucracy that comes with dealing with government agencies and the legislative and regulatory process. Robert is a pro-business lobbyist, so if you are seeking lobbying services that are against these interests, Robert will not take the engagement even if such engagement is not a conflict of interest.


Because of his government experience, Robert is knowledgeable on tax incentives on a number of levels.   The following provides a VERY general overview of a number of the incentives available to business


Every business has basic legal needs. Whether it is a shareholder agreement, corporate formations, operating agreements, purchasing or selling a business, or simply attempting to resolve collection debts, a company is frequently faced with legal issues. So, it is important to have someone to turn to who can assist the business when those needs arise. A general counsel can handle some matters, but not all (and if any attorney tells you they can handle all matters, they are lying).   However, a good outside general counsel can coordinate matters among attorneys and ensure that your interests are protected.


Robert Altman serves as an outside general counsel for a number of firms, assisting them with their frequent corporate needs. He will let you what he is comfortable handling and areas that he is not. For example, although experienced in litigation, Robert no longer handles large-scale litigation cases. But he frequently assists companies with finding the right counsel, and then, if requested overseeing such counsel and explaining to his client, IN PLAIN ENGLISH, what is happening.


Robert S. Altman, Esq., PLLC handles most matters on an hourly basis, but does provide for flat fee arrangements for incentive work and for government relations. His current hourly rates vary depending on the type of work for which he is engaged between $335 and $500 per hour.

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